Thursday, 14 April 2011

W11 en Francais

Over the years I have appeared in various publications focussing on the fact that I really have been selling my baubles in Notting Hill for along time. So Rachel has dug up a few press cuttings to show just for fun.
Much has changed since we first opened the shop in 1992, gone are all the junk shops and small independent boutiques, the post office, the newsagent, the garage and the pub next door where we watched the collapse of the Twin Towers in disbelief.

The transvestite no longer roller-skates by in hot pants led by a coiffure giant poodle and even the was cool celebs (like Hugh Grant and Robbie Williams) that used to hang out here seem to have gone.

It's still all very smart though and some of the new shops are full of very desirable things (202 next door has a fab new clothes emporium down stairs it's no longer Nicole Farhi by the way and I love Theory and Matches of course ) but over all we seem to be going French.

Don’t get me wrong, I love all things French, but I hope that these new people frequenting (a lot of Euro banker types) my patch here in W11 love Dinny Hall jewellery truly a Notting Hill brand with genuine credentials.

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