Friday, 10 December 2010

Festive Foraging

Festive foraging for Christmas display at Dinny Hall and an excuse to get out to the wilds of the countryside; my little dog Bo, more than enjoyed the walk too!  This year our shops have been decked with goodies from the forest and we have gone to great lengths, even as far as rowing out on the Norfolk Broads to collect Alder firs and such the like.
Prime pickings on the waterside.
These firs (you can just see them in my hand in the above picture) look perfect touched with gold leaf and displayed in our shops with branches of Yew and Ivy.
Oranges with cloves and hand made paper chains, with the burning aroma of Frankincense and Cedar all complimenting the jewellery. We're channeling a crafty, homely, vintage vibe for Christmas at Dinny Hall; comforting but luxe.

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