Monday, 14 December 2009

Dinny Hall Blogs On

Starting a blog when you are in jewellery retail just before Christmas and when your teenage son has just broken up from school is slightly mad. But then, with five stores, Lorcan the 13 year old and Bo the omnipresent little schnauzer, ‘madness’ is my middle name.

After 25 years in the business and as another decade comes to a close, I feel 29 still. It’s time to reflect a bit but also to think of the way ahead. And what better way is there to think ahead than to look to the next generation?

As an online philistine and a natural born raconteur, hopping on the blog train seemed not only like the perfect way to share my world with you, but for Lorcan to share his with me as well.

A behind the scenes look at a designer’s domain where the creative director (me), goldsmiths, retailers, marketing, accounting and production teams all share a rabbit warren of a space behind my glamorous flagship store in Notting Hill.

Over time, I hope to introduce the characters who make up the Dinny Hall team and provide you with a glimpse into our little world.

For now, the only pearl of wisdom I can impart upon you today is: drink less—you can go to more parties.

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  1. Starting a blog when you are at your busiest sounds just like you (and me :-))! Great job x