Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Buildings and Baubles

Today’s Pearls of Wisdom from the fast-talking jeweller are all about presentation. All the more so since we are living in an exceptionally visual world these days—something which, since signing up for Facebook and Twitter, I am ever the more coming to realise.

Hence I impart to you today, a pearl of wisdom plucked from my training and life as an artist, for its basic principles extend to all forms of visual presentation, even the way you put yourself together. So here goes.

Life drawing is so important to learn for a creative person because the same laws follow into all forms of design, from jewellery to architecture. Jewellery has to be displayed not only thematically but with a clear understanding of colour, form, pattern, perspective and the space in which it is contained. In the same way that the interior of a house must relate to its form, in life drawing the lines, form and shades should relate to one and other as well as with the paper or medium it is on. If something feels right, looks right, it probably is right. If it follows the above laws, the result is jewellery that will sell. Just as well at this time of year and after all the effort myself and the team have out in. Looking at myself today after too many parties I am not following my laws of presentation. Hole in tights, bags under eyes, slightly malfunctioning vision, I probably wouldn’t buy me to wear to a cocktail party.

On another note yesterday I had lunch with one Badger Asprey aged five who is great great great grandson of the founder of Aspreys the fabulous old British jewellery house. I told him of his great heritage, in relation to my business at any rate, but he was not impressed. So I told him that I was impressed that such a family as his would buy my jewellery.

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