Thursday, 7 November 2013

Topaz - Symbol of Loyalty and Friendship

The Topaz represents November as its birthstone, the word 'Topaz' originates from the Sanskrit word meaning 'Fire' and was thought to be able to control heat - having the power to cool boiling water. In ancient lore, people also used the stone as medication to cure fever.

Topaz Mineral can be found in many regions of the world such as Brazil, Sri Lanka, Mexico and Africa but certain colours are mined in specific locations. For instance, yellow shades of topaz can be found in Germany, Blue in Brazil and also in Texas and pink hue's in Sri Lanka.

A 'pure' topaz itself is a colourless stone, but can also be found in variety of light shades of yellow, pink, red, pale green, brown and even black! The most valuable colour is a golden orange - yellow type called an 'Imperial Topaz'.

Selection of Imperial Topaz

Blue Topaz does occur naturally, but it is extremely rare and almost always lightly colour. Most if not all blue Topaz used in jewellery has been irradiated and heat treated to artificially create the blue colour. The original stones are colourless or lightly coloured, and the radiation process gives them their deep sky-blue colours. In a few rare circumstances, some forms of blue Topaz tend to slightly fade in exposure to sunlight after extended periods of time.

It has not been until the last century that blue topaz has become so widespread in gem market due to the introduction of irradiated and heat treated gemstones.  Untreated coloured topaz can be unstable and fade in colour (Siberian brown topaz's are known for being bleached by the sunlight.) 

This is a selection of our current AW13 and SS14 Anniversary collection and 3 stone rings and set in 14k gold.

I love to use topaz in my designs, lately I have been using a wide variety of shades of Blue Topaz, my favourite being the rich London Blue that I featured in the launch of the Anniversary Collection this year.

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