Wednesday, 20 November 2013

New Wave Collection

The Wave Collection was inspired by a trip to the British Museum a whole decade ago. I took my sketch book and studied the huge collection of bones they have on display.
The side view of the ring and the bangle in the collection actually came out of studies of those bones. Over time I refined the designs to be more and fluid and soft like waves, hence the name.
The Wave ring and bangles which are timeless Dinny Hall pieces, you can wear through all seasons and can collection season after season to create a strong look. The curves of the pieces are designed so that they fit snuggly together. I love to wear a stack of bangles in silver, rose and yellow gold vermeil and I know one customer who has at least eight of them in silver.  

The Wave earrings are designed to complement the curves of the face, hugging the jawline and highlight the cheekbone.  I created my latest edition to the Wave Collection in brass due to the sheer size of the pieces. Making these earrings out of brass meant I could have this statement earring without it being so heavy that it pulls or stretches at your earlobe. The new hoop earring and bracelet in the range are then given a really thick coating of 22k Gold.

We have started to introduce Rose Gold into our Vermeil collections after months of careful handpicking the perfect shade of rose gold.
I wanted to re-design the wave chain necklace and bracelet to be bolder so I added the 'Tusk' bone inspired catch to give a more sculpted feel to the pieces.
Romilly Mason from Avenue 32 was seen wearing my wave chain bracelet in 22k gold vermeil as Paris Fashion Week.


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