Friday, 29 June 2012

Five things I love this week...

          ..........1.     The new Talitha hoop earrings- I don’t remember the last time I wore silver hoops, it’s always been gold for me, but these new hoops have converted me and I’ve been wearing them constantly. Team them with the simple Talitha chain or Talitha bracelet, but just as good with a bunch of silver bangles.
...2.      The Co-op. Why? Because they support local British farming without fuss or publicity. They also support Greek produce (in their time of need) such as olive oil, pumpkin seeds and chickpeas, placed by the till, encouraging us to buy Greek. AND their new tarka dahl is delicious!

.....3.     My J&M Davidson bag in cream- it’s big enough to carry A4 paper so suits me, and is truly covetable. Bo likes it too, here she is guarding it.
S.....4.    Gin & tonic with a twist of lime. Best summer pick-me-up.

jj..5.    My two days off in a jungle spa, Panviman Chiang Mai, whilst on my visit to Thailand. Just see the view-

What can I say?

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