Friday, 28 January 2011

The Real Gems In Our Business – Our Westbourne Grove Sales Team

Leaning against the counter at our Westbourne Grove shop are left to right Shai, little Ruby and Becci, who are the full time sales team at our flagship store (although Ruby can’t reach the till yet!).

First let’s talk about Becci who has been at Dinny Hall Westbourne Grove for 2 years and already it feels like our team would be lost with out her. Not only is she a great sales person, but she also has a real talent for jewellery merchandising, so when she’s not dealing with customers she is often to be seen making wonderful creative window displays for our all stores. On the shop floor there is no problem too big or too small for her to solve and she’s got the best sense of humour ever.

Then there's Shai who has been managing at Dinny Hall Westbourne Grove for 12 years and who is mother of the delightful Ruby. It's only one week until her second “little gem” is due and we wish her all the joy and love in the world. We cannot believe that she is still standing and giving 100% at 9 months pregnant, what a star! Nobody knows the Westbourne Grove customer quite like Shai, who has lived and worked in the area nearly all her life. No celebrity intimidates her, she can turn around the most difficult customer (and believe me the odd one can be challenging) and she is quite simply irreplaceable.

Now let’s not forget Ruby, who comes every night to pick her mummy up and already has a great eye for jewellery. We made her the most beautiful little ruby necklace when she was born - which leads me to think what else do we sell for the customer to give a new born child as a birth or Christening gift?

Ruby's Ruby Necklace
 So here are some suggestions from our beautiful 18k gold and diamond bijou range.  Tiny, precious pendants and wristlets something for your little one to cherish forever and cute on mum in the meantime!

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