Tuesday, 4 May 2010

The Two Violets

The Two Violets

Every year, a good friend of mine has a party which takes place around a camp fire amongst the bluebells. It’s a memorable experience not only for the company but also for the impregnation of that intense violet blue of the bluebells into my minds eye, a blue that lingers for days caressing, calming and serene.
Another beautiful bluish flower is of course that gentle little flower the violet, which brings me to my two younger God daughters who are both named Violet.
Violet Levinson aged seven and Violet Barker aged two are strikingly similar in personality though not in looks. Both are independently minded (wilful), funny, charismatic and have a strong sense of style (this can start very young).

Violet Levinson aged seven wears dh bijou flower stacking rings & lotus flower charm bracelet

Perhaps the name Violet has to be lived up to in some way when past bearers of the name have often been rather incredible characters. There was Viollette Szabo who was a beautiful secret agent during the Second World War who, soon after her husband was shot by Nazis, became expertly trained in the art of espionage. She learned explosive techniques, the art of cryptography, night navigation and played an important part infiltrating enemy strategy. Tragically she was captured and died at the age of twenty three at the infamous Ravensbruck prison camp.
Then there was Violet Trefusis, the eccentric and talented lover of Vita Sackville West (no shrinking violet) famous for not only being openly lesbian at time when this was socially inacceptable, but also as a writer remembered for the famous quote ‘you are my lover and I am your mistress and kingdoms and empires and governments have faltered and succumbed before now to that mighty combination’
I cannot leave out Viola (the Latin form of the name) who in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night is the enterprising cross dressing heroine so soundly convincing that Olivia falls in love with her. I’m sure my two lovely Violets will also grow up to lead brave and fascinating lives and be astonishingly pretty (as they are as children) - but hopefully not too scandalous or tragic!

You can see the two lovely Violets wearing jewellery from my dh bijou range and Liberty print bows (a nod to the Flower Power theme at Liberty this spring) The dh bijou range was launched last summer and it is especially small jewellery; either for the very small, or people who like very small jewellery. Watch out for the solid 18 karat gold and diamond dh bijou coming soon to Dinny Hall stores.

Violet Barker wearing double lotus pendant & flower lotus charm bracelet