Friday, 12 November 2010

Tales from old friends and a chance to win

Out on the town again last week, this time to the book launch of my friend Polly Samson.  I wrote a book once many years ago called Creative Jewellery and it was Polly who publicized the book even getting me on breakfast TV at the ripe old age of 24.  Polly went on to work with great authors such as Bruce Chatwin and Tom Wolfe, wrote for the Sunday Times, became a mother, married a rock star, had three more children and has now written her third book.  You could be envious of her “perfect life”, as she is also a great beauty but she has had her fair share trials and tribulations over the years.

Polly and Romany, photo by Jake Gavin

So the party was at the Twentieth Century Theatre, the very place where I hosted a party in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital last year, a wonderful little Edwardian theatre hidden off Westbourne Grove.  And what a fun party for Polly it was - I’m still recovering.  Funnily enough Polly’s book, a collection of short stories, is called Perfect Lives and Polly weaves a thread which connects these tales in an unpredictable way. A gem of a tale is about an ex-child prodigy piano tuner who obsesses about a Rolls Royce of a grand piano he is about to go and tune, but the experience does not live up to his expectation.  A perfect little story written with a subtlety and sensuality and what’s more Dinny Hall jewellery even gets a mention.

I am delighted to have five copies of Polly's fabulous book to give away along with a little something from my dh bijou range.  So to be entered into our prize draw for your chance to win, email my PR Assistant Rachel at with your names!  And we will draw names next week!

We've drawn the winners now and you know who you are. 
Do hope you enjoy Polly's book as much a I did.

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  1. thank you so much for the gorgeous dainty little necklace and the book! keep up the good work - i love your jewellery and have for the last 25 years

    love fifi xx