Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Out and About and New Things.

So we've been off out again this time to the opening of the London Design Festival, a nine day celebration all things design in the capital.  Last week or so ago, Trafalgar Square was transformed into an art and design event extraordinaire with an installation by Clements Weisshaar and Reed Kram.  Looking suspiciously like something from the movie Transformers, although I also thought it looked like a Dyson vacuum cleaner gone mental.  Any how, the installation transmitted messages into the sky by drawing with lights and as if by magic these 'transformer hoovers' miraculously spelt  'Welcome to the London Design Festival 2010'.  It was quite something. 
Please excuse the blurry pictures, was snapping away on my phone.
Boring, we drank non-alcoholic cocktails much to our disapointment but to make up for it we hobnobbed with Ministers, Arts Council types and friends alike.  Also the lovely Head of the Arts Council, informed us she had indeed been a customer at Dinny Hall Upper Street which is always so nice to hear!
Moving on through the week we visited the London Fashion Week Exhibition at Somerset House and went to numerous design festivities including a rather posh dinner affair.  
All this new design and creativity going on, brings me to our new Talitha Collection.  My own contribution to the world of design this week!  In an earlier blog post I talked about a particular motif (along with a collection inspired by the Amalfi Coast) now used in the Talitha Collection, you can see motif again below in fledgling form, which has in turn, been made into an amazing pair of earrings...
So I am delighted to finally introduce one of the most inspirational collections I have created at Dinny Hall for a while:  Talitha.

The Talitha Earrings, my most favourite earrings at the moment.

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