Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Alice in Jewellery Land

I am lucky enough to have three God daughters; one called Alice and two adorable girls named Violet.

Today I want to talk about Alice, who is sixteen and the daughter of one of my best friends, Liz Fremantle. Alice's father is a charming Frenchman and she has a grandfather who had an affair with Vivien Leigh. She was only two when she first became aware of the Dinny Hall shop on Westbourne Grove. She was so tiny that she held herself by up little fingers clasping to a ledge below a showcase full of jewellery and just said ‘Pretty’. Over the years, so 'pretty' has she become that you will see her, in due course, modelling the jewellery for the second time on our website.

Alice was one of our poster girls for the launch of dh Bijou collection. But she has done a lot of growing and blossoming since then. Alice was born exactly two years before my son Lorcan on the very same day in February. She suffered from a serious illness beginning when she was only three months old. As she grew up, Alice overcame so many setbacks caused by this illness. She is both brave, beautiful, not to mention a bit of a songbird. Ooh and she doesn’t suffer fools gladly just like her mother. I am very proud of her.

Before asking her to model Dinny Hall styled by yours truly (me) and with the help of Rachel E (who I will introduce to you soon, dear readers), I asked Alice to style the jewellery on herself. So here is Alice wearing some silver jewellery of her own choice paired with a jacket from the Moschino Love collection.

Alice wears it well don’t you think?

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