Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Bye bye baubles...hello bags

Butters and the Balenciaga

First of all, apologies, dear readers, for starting my blog and then disappearing with the noughties. But you will understand the pressures of Christmas and all it entails. I'm back now and it's a new decade, so I have been thinking creatively about what great new things I can bring into the world.

One old thing I probably shouldn't bring out is my credit card, although it managed to jump out of my wallet today, thanks to a little Balenciaga purse found at Matches just around the corner from my Notting Hill shop. It's not that I'm an impulsive shopper, I'm actually the opposite, and after twenty-five years in the business this year (celebrations sure to come!) and a sale of my own on at the moment, I should know better than anyone about the dangers of markdown mania. I think for months and months about what it is I want and need to complete (what I consider to be) my perfect look, and then I go on the hunt. This, in my expert opinion, is the only way to shop, particularly where fine jewellery is concerned. This little black Balenciaga fitted my long-standing prescription for a small everyday purse to a t. Good thing that thanks to the faces of my holiday campaign, the lovely Bo and Sena with baubles, we had the most successful retail Christmas we've ever seen, especially with the runaway success enjoyed by our concession at Liberty.

So as Bo sulks in dismay at the fact that her fifteen minutes of fame are about to end (posters are coming down and she'll disappear from the website soon enough, the modelling business is sooooo fickle), her little Pomeranian friend Butters has stepped up to the plate (a bijoux dog for a bijoux bag) to enjoy the fruits of Bo’s labours.


  1. I am in love with both Butters and the Balenciaga!
    Oh and by the way can you reserve me a pair of Sterling Toro Earrings as I am in love with those too!

  2. Butters and is truly a match made in bag heaven!